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June 24, 2008

Reasons Why an employee must be well selected!!!

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Employee selection is an important activity of HRM. For the small business owner or especially those who are starting-up, getting the right employees to join your venture is imperative. Your employees may break or make your business. The very word selection implies the choice of the one best –qualified individual from among a number of available qualified candidates. Hence, there should be a relatively large number of job applicants from which the final candidates are chosen.

There are several reasons why employees must be well selected. Here are the 7 most important reasons:

1. Your business goals and objectives are better achieved by the employees you properly selected for a particular job.

2. An incompetent employee is a liability to your business, an additional expense, or a burden. Proper care should be made in getting the right person with the right competence for the job.

3. Personnel requirements vary from job to job. Meaning, the right employee for the right job. There can be no general requirements.

4. People have varying degrees of intelligence, aptitudes and abilities. Hence, fit the square peg on the square hole not on the round one, so to speak.

5. Labor Laws protect employee, making it difficult to fire incompetent and problem employees. Hiring is always easier than firing because of the laws governing termination of employment. In some states and countries, ‘firing-at-will’ seems to be a norm, in others, it is illegal.

6. Individuals have different interests, goals, and objectives in life. Select somebody whose goals closely align to you business goals.

7. Careless hiring is costly and can cause problems to the company. The hiring process cost you the money for the advertisement, cost for testing, and time for those who made the interviews. More so, in the long run as pointed out earlier, a wrong hire can cost you more in your operations.


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