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June 24, 2008

Challenges in Recruiting from Offshore

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The top 7 challenges we face while sourcing local overseas candidates:

1. Country specific research – in respect of client’s competition companies to target in the region, accredited local educational institutes (where the client specifications are stringent in respect of degrees), local regional popular job boards, and portals. Most of these although are overcome by research, but they do pose the biggest challenge in terms of the cycle time at our end. While these are well documented in the top IT nations, if one were to look at remote countries in Africa and Asia one really has to be neck deep in research.

2. Assessment of the achievements and reference of the candidate – is another challenge especially when one was to look at sales and marketing personnel. This does take up a lot of time and effort and slows the entire process considerably.

3. Candidates Assessment of body language – is perhaps an impossible situation for distance and offshore head hunting. In the absence of this the recruiter has to have the experience to read between the lines most of the times. This is perhaps easier said than done.

4. Language Barrier – is perhaps the most obvious and the biggest one especially when one looks at the non English speaking counties. We have been able to overcome this by training ourselves in the most common phrases in the local language, and also using online translation services. This not only breaks the ice with the candidate but stream lines the entire communication process.

5. Time Zones – is yet another natural challenge. We try and bring it our favor by matching the work hours at our end accordingly. This has been quite effective, especially for cold calling the candidates.

6. Telephone Codes – quite a few times the telephone contact number on the resume does not show the expanded form of the ISD codes – especially the city codes. This does translate to one extra step in the process. We now have built up our database of most cities in the countries we target and this has helped too.

7. Resume Formats – if one were to look at resumes from round the world it does give insights that despite all kinds of global templates the way the resumes are structured vary across regions. They either tend to be very brief or omit the essential details of the experience of the candidate. We have been able to over come this by suggesting formats to the candidates for updating the resumes. This does delay the process considerably.


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