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June 24, 2008

As a third party Agent how to manage getting clients?

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First, if you’re cold-calling a company in an effort to get a search assignment from them, don’t approach them hat-in-hand; go to them with something to offer. Pitch a candidate that (a) looks like a match for something they have available, and (b) that they may not be likely to find on their own. Don’t make the mistake one agency recruiter made with me a couple of weeks ago. She called and pitched me a help desk tech. Notwithstanding that a glance at our on-line postings would have revealed no such position available, the chances of me (or anyone for that matter) needing an outside agency to fill a help desk position is probably zero.

Have something to offer that differentiates you from all the other agencies trying to do business with us. Internal corporate recruiters like me get calls all the time from agencies, all of them saying the same thing: We have the biggest database/most contacts/a unique approach/etc., etc., etc. Tell us something that gives us a genuine reason to do business with you instead of the dozen or so other agencies that have called this week.

Don’t try to shortcut or bypass our processes! You may not like it, but sometimes those processes are there for a reason, and if I had anything to do with the creation of those processes then I can assure you that the reasons are pretty good ones. If we tell you that you need to do A, B, and C, that’s what you need to do. Remember the Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

Finally, and this one may be somewhat unique to me and my experiences with some account managers from some agencies, don’t ever, ever, ever call me “pal” or “buddy”, and definitely never call me “dude”.


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